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About Hotel Marmont

The French General Marmont was once an instigator of great changes and progress in Dalmatia, and the Marmont Hotel decided to follow in his footsteps when it comes to tourist accommodation in the city of Split with the same motto: always and forever change things for the better!

Auguste Frédéric Louis Viesse de Marmont (Châtillon sur Seine, 20 July 1774 - Venice, 22 March 1852) was a French general and a marshal who was transferred to Dalmatia in 1805 where he assumed the duty of the military governor of Dalmatia and the governor-general of Illyrian Provinces.

He turned out to be a very beneficent governor, and thank to his efforts, a lot was done for the traffic improvement of Dalmatia (roads through Dalmatian hinterland) and education (introduction of Croatian and Slovenian to schools) with the issuing of the first newspapers in Croatian Kraglski Dalmatin.

With its true spirit of Mediterranean; a blend of traditional, modern and luxurious, Hotel Marmont is the perfect choice for all those wanting to feel the authentic Split on the palm of their hands, to fully experience Split's cultural heritage and the easy way of life, without giving up on the luxury and top level design.

Hotel Marmont was named after French general and marshal August Frédéric Marmont, who during 19th century significantly contributed to building of first roads in Dalmatia. Despite his role as a conqueror, he began the process of urbanization of Dalmatian cities, and in thanks citizens of Split named the most beautiful street in all of Split after him.

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